Hair Cypher

‘Hair Cypher is the third single from the upcoming album ‘Airs About Hair’. It features established singers and femcees Donniele Graves (USA), Kella (Canada) and LyricL (United Kingdom). Four different women. Four different stories. But Love and Unity around Hair and Hip Hop. These ladies all recount their hair journeys from their unique perspectives.


‘Supersonic is the second single for ‘Airs about Hair’ featuring Ivorian artist, producer and recording studio engineer Tupaï. You will find a thousand home remedies on how to grow hair fast… From Apple cider vinegar to cocoa butter conditioners, to jerking your head upside down just to stimulate blood circulation on your scalp for growth…

Touching my hair

‘Touching my hair’ is the first single from the upcoming album ‘Airs about Hair’. Hair as the glory of every woman. Hair as a statement. Hair as identity. The hair salon as more than just a gossip centre; often more as the parliament where women shape their lives. The ‘Airs about Hair’ album is thus a concept album with such narratives and much more.

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