‘I can’t sing’… You won’t believe how often I hear this from people before they try out a lesson with me… It’s really a misconception because everybody CAN learn how to sing. Yes, some are born with more vocal talent than others, but singing is not a thing of the select few: it’s accessible to ALL.

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Everybody SHOULD sing. I have witnessed people heal emotionally and even physically (!) just from the joy of singing. Too many studies have proven how therapeutic it is to feel sound vibrations inside your body while you’re singing your favorite tune…

Coaching voices has become my passion for three reasons:
–  helping people free their voices
– Seeing people heal through music
– Growing as a person with other people

I have sometimes found it necessary to integrate Life coaching elements into my program, as the road through vocal freedom is very emotional and dare I say, spiritual.

I have coached so far dozens of song enthusiasts from various walks of life and age groups in the following formats:
– Early music education in daycare centers and kindergartens (Garderie les Flandres)
– Gospel after school clubs in Elementary schools (Ecole Elementaire de Koenigshoffen)
– Corporate/Team building workshops  (Mars Chocolate in Strasbourg)
– One to one and group sessions (Modern Music School International)
– Vocal Coaching for Public Speaking

Do contact me for more information.

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